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New API, SMS Messaging, and Routing Rules!

New API, SMS Messaging, and Routing Rules!

Sam Lipton

1 minute read

Mailinator Message Flow

Private SMS Numbers now available !

Need to add testing SMS workflow to your QA process? Mailinator offers private SMS inboxes for all your testing needs. SMS messages are retrievable via Web, API, and Rules just like all incoming email.

Routing Rule System

Setup Rules to automatically react to emails arriving at your Private Domain. Emails can be forwarded via SMTP or WebHook, have links within an email automatically “clicked”, or setup a “email blackhole” for high-speed testing.

The Mailinator API let’s you pull emails, the Rule system tells Mailinator to push them back to you!

New API - Get, Post, or Delete Messages

We’ve redesigned our API. Apart a more logical REST flow, the new API has some new capabilities:

  • List and retrieve attachments of any MIME type

  • You can now Inject emails into the system using HTTP Post. This is very handy for testing message flows when you want instant delivery.

New format:

GET /v2/domains/:domain/inboxes/:inbox/messages/:message_id

(Note: The old API will continue to remain active. You do not need to migrate to the new API at this time).

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